I Teach You How to Build Cash Flow. Period.

A Common Trait of The Wealthy is Time & Financial Leverage.  Learn How to Get That Leverage.


Here's What You Gain As A Lifetime Member of the #ForexFam

  • Easy to Learn Forex Instruction for Building Cash Flow

    Step-by-step modules teaching exactly what you need to build exponential cashflow

  • #MoneyDay School

  • The Forex Family Private Cash Flow Group

    Private trading business support group for our members only with videos & additional instruction

  • Exclusive Profit Alerts

    You receive the EXACT positions I am taking so that you can profit from them in real-time

  • One-to-One Mentoring Sessions

    Get hands-on coaching from me to you at the touch of a button

Kevin L. Jefferson


Professional Trader & Teacher

Not Your Average 9-to-5

Forex is the ONLY career in which  I have found it to be more profitable to be a "FOLLOWER" than a "LEADER."


What People Are Saying

There's no better way to tell the story than through the eyes of our happy students!

"I attended the Forex 4 Dads course; one thing that I like is that he breaks everything down step-by-step. He's responsive to all of your questions, and the exciting thing about today is I did my first trade on my own using the steps that he taught us, and I received profit. And I really went from “believing” to “knowing,” and it shows that I know and understand what he is teaching. "

- Ray Lonon, Savannah, GA

When I first took the program, I knew nothing about investments, nothing about the markets, nothing about Forex, and within two days I learned so, so much. One the biggest things is Kevin provides this mentorship opportunity after the program, and that mentorship is invaluable. He teaches you these strategies and patterns to look for in the trades and he’ll help ground you on those calls you have with him and make sure you implement them in the right way; to make sure you’re not basing it off of emotion, which I think a lot of times is very easy to do. My experience was great.


-Victoria Barkate, Southlake, TX

"I’ve enjoyed the classes. He teaches you how to identify good trades. You learn when to get in, when not to get in…and the excitement has been to see it go where you know it’s going to go, and to know that you’re making money when it hits a certain point…which means that I know this, and understand this, and therefore I can make money any time I need to.


- Kevin Jenkins, Seattle, WA

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  • Receive The #MillionDollarBlueprint to Grow Your Wealth to 7- Figures & Beyond
  • Unlimited Access to LIVE Bootcamps
  • On-Line Course
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  • One-on-One Forex Mentoring Sessions
  • Lifetime Access to All Future Trading Courses
  • Option to Have Us Trade for You Every Year


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Frequently Asked Questions

How long will the on-line program take?

With how much should I start my live account?

Can you trade for me while I learn how to trade?

How long will it take for me to start earning income?

As soon as you become a member of the #ForexFam, you will start receiving live trades with pre-determined stop-loss and take-profit targets.  The goal is to get you into profit as quickly as your first day trading live.

I've never traded Forex before... is this course for me?

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